Heat Capacity Formula

Here is the formula to calculate the heat capacity of a system using its specific heat and mass and change in temperature. The heat capacity formula is given as Cp x m x ΔT, where Cp = Specific Heat, m = Mass, ΔT = Change in Temperature. Heat capacity is expressed in calories, kilo-calories or joules, and the change in temperature is expressed in Celsius or Kelvin. Heat capacity is another term for thermal capacity. To have certain specific dimensions specific heat capacity is used.


Q = CpmΔT


Q = Heat
Cp = Specific Heat
m = Mass
ΔT = Change in Temperature

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Heat capacity formula is made simple, just by multiplying the specific heat, change in temperature and mass, you will get the capacity of heat. To measure this, a calorimeter must be used where it is used for constant volume heat capacities and sufficient for a constant pressure heat capacity.

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