Half Life Formula

Half-life time describes the total amount of time required for the one-half of the atomic nuclei to decay. Carbon-14 dating is a well known process involved in the half-life process. The theory was originated by the Ernest Rutherford. Half-life is also used to characterize exponential or non-exponential decay. Here is a half life formula to manually calculate the half-life time of radioactive decay. It can be easily computed by knowing the total time, initial and remaining quantity.


t1/2 = t × ( ln (2) / ln (nt/no))


t1/2 = Half Life Time
t = Total Time
nt= Remaining Quantity
no = Initial Quantity

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Half lifetime is based on physical state such as solid, liquid, and gases. Also, its solely depend on the temperature and pressure. The radioactive half life formula calculates the amount of time it takes for half of the original isotope to decay.

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