Gravity, Elevation and Temperature Barometer Reading Correction Formula

Temperature barometer is dependent only on expansion and contraction differences of temperature. ASL is based on elevation above sea level of the barometer and the median standard outside air temperature. Given here is the gravity, elevation and temperature barometer reading correction formula that will guide you to in calculation of adjustment barometer correction and new reading barometer. The unit of the achieved result will be based on the unit of inputs substituted in the formula.


R1 = O x (-0.002637 x cos (2L) + 0.000006 x cos2 (2L)) - 0.00005
R2 = O x ((T - 28.630) / (1.1123 x T + 10978))
R3 = - 29.92126 x (1 - (1 / 10(0.0081350 x H) / (T + (0.00178308 x H))))
R = R1 + R2 + R3
S = O + R


R = Adjustment Barometer Correction
S = New Reading Barometer Correction
O = Observed Barometer Reading
L = Latitude
T = Air Temperature Degrees
H = Above Sea Level

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As per this gravity, elevation and temperature barometer reading correction formula, the sum of R1 and R2 will give the adjustment barometer correction.

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