Gravitational Potential Formula

Refer the below formula to calculate the gravitational potential of energy or work which moves from the fixed object to another location of the object. Gravitational potential formula is derived as -(GxM) / X where G = 6.674 × 10-11 N(m/kg)² , M = Mass and X = Distance. You can easily determine the result using this formula and also refer the below calculator link to know the gravitational potential.


Gravitational Potential = −(G×M(kg)) / x(m)


G = 6.674 × 10-11 N(m/kg)²
M = Mass
x = Distance

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The gravitational potential formula is made simple as it is derived based on the mass and distance. The resultant value is found in Joule since the unit of gravitational potential is Jkg-1 or joules per kilogram.

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