Grams to Moles Butane Formula

In chemistry, moles butane and grams are formula weights. Formula weights are used in the determination of the weights of products and reagents in a chemical reaction. Given below is the grams to moles butane formula which is used to find moles of butane. The quantity of a substance whose mass in grams is equal to its formula weight is known as gram moles. Butane is a colorless gas with a faint petroleum like odour. 1 grams of butane is equal to 0.0172051298815 mole.


Moles of Butane = Grams / 58.1222

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Grams to moles butane formula is defined as grams of butane divided by the value 58.1222. For instance, 1 gram = 0.0172 moles butane Hence, 7 grams is equivalent to = 7 / 58.1222 = 0.1204 moles of butanes.

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