Gas Pressure kPa Formula

This page shows the Gas pressure kPa formula for calculating the pressure of a gas. To identify the gas pressure, the Ideal gas law is used which states that PV = nRT, where P is the pressure in atmospheres, V is the volume in liters, n is the number of gas particles in moles, T is the temperature in Kelvin and R is the ideal gas constant (R = 0.0821 liter atmospheres per moles Kelvin). Substitute the values of n, R, T and V in the formula and do the necessary operations to get the result

Ideal Gas Law Pressure Formula


P = nRt / V


P = Pressure
V = Volume
n = Moles of gas
t = Temperature
R = Gas Constant (8.314 J K-1 mol-1)

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The above Gas pressure kPa formula based on the Ideal Gas Law Pressure formula is an important physics formula to be remembered by the high school students.

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