Force Between Two Parallel Wires Formula

The given below is the force between two parallel wires formula for you to calculate the electromagnetic force between parallel wires on your own. According to the Ampere's force law formula, dividing the products of permeability, current on wire 1 & 2 and wire length by the products of integer 2, π and the distance between two wires will give you the force between 2 parallel wires. Just substitute the values in the formula and do the calculations to get the result.

Ampere's Force Law Formula


F = (μ × I1 × I2 × L) / (2 × π × D)


F = Force
μ = Permeability
I1 = Current on Wire1
I2 =Current on Wire2
L = Wire Length
D = Distance Between Two Wires

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The value force determined by using this force between two parallel wires formula will be attractive if the currents are in the same direction and repulsive if they are in opposite directions. The force calculated will be in the unit of N(Kg.m/s2).

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