Folded Normal Distribution Formula

Refer the below given folded normal distribution formula to calculate the folded cumulative distribution function and folded probability density function on your own with the known values of upper limit, mean and variance.


Folded Normal Distribution


x = Upper Limit
μ = Mean
σ2 = Variance
erf=Error function

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Folded Normal Distribution: Since the probability mass values on the left half of the distribution have been folded over to the right half, the absolute values are taken from the left half and added to the right half it is literally called as folded normal distribution.

By refering the above given folded normal distribution formulas you can do your calculations on your own. This formula will be a very useful one for the high school students to refer for their examination purpose.

To make your calculations more easier we have also given the option to switch to our online Folded normal distribution calculator page.

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