Tile Formula

This Tiles required formula page helps you to find the answer to your question "How to calculate tiles needed for a floor". Given here is the Tile formula to calculate the flooring tiles required for your office space or living room or any building. This flooring tiles formula page provides you the individual formulas for the calculation of Perimeter of Room, skirting tiles area, the area of a room, total area to be laid, and area of tiles in your own.

Tiles Required Formula


Perimeter of Room = (2 x ( Room length + Room breadth)) - Door width

Skirting Tiles Area = Perimeter of Room x Skirting Tiles Height

Area of Room = Room length x Room Breadth

Total Area to be Laid = Area of Room + Skirting Tiles Area

Area of Tiles = Tiles length + Tiles Breadth

Number of Tiles We Need = (Total Area to be Laid / Area of Tiles) x Tiles Wastage%

Related Calculator:

The above Tile formula requires tile wastage input in the form of percentage to calculate the number of flooring tiles needed for your building.

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