Cardiac Output Formula

Cardiac output can be measured both invasively and non-invasively. It is the global blood flow parameter used in the study of hemodynamics, a study of flow of blood. It is one of the parameters in finding the efficiency of pumping of the heart. It is found by multiplying the two important variables, heart rate and the stroke volume. Use this Cardiac output formula to assess your heart condition. This Fick formula just requires the basic arithmetic operations for performing the calculation.

Fick Formula


Cardiac Output (Fick) in L/min = (predicted O2/min/M2*BSA)/(13*Hgb*(SaO2-SvO2))


predicted O2 = 135 or 125 or 132.85

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For instance, a person with the heart rate of 70 beats/min will approximately have the stroke volume of 70 mL. It is measured using different physical units such as dm3/min. The above Cardiac output formula will be a very useful one for the medical practitioners for reference.

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