Fibrosis-4 (Fib-4) Formula

Liver fibrosis is an excessive grouping of scar tissue which results in the ongoing inflammation and liver cell death. Here is the fibrosis-4 (fib-4) formula to calculate the fibrosis of Liver based on the fibrosis four index. As per the fibrosis-4 (fib-4) formula, to calculate the value, initially, multiply the age with aspartate aminotransferase. Take square root of alanine and multiply with platelets. Now divide the step 1 value by step 2 to get the result.


Fibrosis 4 Index for Liver Fibrosis = (A x S) / (P x √(L))


A = Age
S = Aspartate Aminotransferase
P = Platelet Count
L = Alanine Aminotransferase

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Chronic infection with hepatitis B or C virus can lead to liver fibrosis. The condition happens in most common types of chronic liver disease. You can also use our online calculator to designed based on the fibrosis-4 (fib-4) formula to calculate the fibrosis 4 index for liver fibrosis.

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