Excision of Skin Lesion Formula

Excision of lesions refers to the removal of skin lesions (moles, tumours, or other skin growths) by cutting it down completely through surgery. This section of this page provides you with the excision of skin lesion formula which helps you in performing excision of lesions with precision so that it heals quickly. The coding of lesions is given as T = W + ( M x 2 ), where, T is the total code size, W is the widest measurement of the lesion and M is the margin.


T = W + (M × 2)


T = Total Coded Size
W = Widest Measurement of Lesion
M = Margin

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The above excision of skin lesion formula will help you in calculating the total coded size of skin to be removed which can be benign or malignant. Also, you can click on the above calculator link for ease calculations.

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