Estimation of Calcium by Permanganometry Formula

The given below is the estimation of calcium by permanganometry formula for the determination of calcium in foods by permanganate titration method. According to the Kjeldahl method formula for calcium, It can be calculated by multiplying the values of volume KMnO4, the normality of KMnO4 and the integers 250, 100 and 20 together. And, divide the resultant value by the products of sample weight, 25 and 1000. The resultant value is the calcium content in the feedstuff.

Kjeldahl Method Formula for Calcium


Percentage of Calcium = ( Volume of KMnO4 x Normality of KMnO4 x 250 x 100 x 20) / (Sample Weight x 25 x 1000)


KMnO4 = Potassium Permanganate

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