eGFR Formula

Estimated glomerular filtration rate is called as eGFR. It is a number which is dependent on the blood test for creatinine. Creatinine is a waste product in human blood. This eGFR says you the health of the working kidneys. Even though eGFR is a good test, but it is not advisable to everyone. This page shows you the eGFR formula which will be a useful one for you to calculate your eGFR number and analyze whether your kidneys are in healthy condition or not.

Estimated (GFR) Glomerular Filtration Rate Formula


g = 186 × s-1.154 × a-0.203 [For Male and Non Black Patient ]
g = 186 × s-1.154 × a-0.203 × f [For female and Black Patient ]


g = GFR by MDRD
f = 0.742 (if Female Patient)
f = 1.210 (if Patient is black )
s = Creatinine
a = Age

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The above eGFR formula in this page will be a useful one for the technicians of laboratories to calculate the eGFR level of patients and to analyze the risk.

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