Erepublik Training Cost Formula

The Erepublik training cost formula is used to find the benefits earned by the player of the eRepublik Game. It included the daily strength gained, monthly and daily cost. The formula to calculate these benefits Depends on the weight room, climbing center, shooting range, training contract and special forces center.


Daily Strength Gain = Weight Gained + Climbing Center + Shooting Range + Special Forces Center
Super Soldier medal = 250 / Daily Strength Gain
cost = cc + sr + spf
Monthly Cost = (30*(Daily Strength Gain / (250*5)) - (30*cost))
Daily Cost = Monthly Cost / 30

cc = 0 (For Climbing Center is None)
cc = 0.19 (For Climbing Center is Type1,Type2,Type3,Type4)
sr = 0 (For Shooting Range is None)
sr = 0.89 (For Shooting Range is Type1,Type2,Type3,Type4)
spf = 0 (For Special Forces Center is None)
spf = 0.179 (For Special Forces Center is Type1,Type2,Type3,Type4)

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