Equilibrium Constant Formula

A number which shows the relationship between the amounts of reactants and products present at equilibrium in a chemical reaction which is reversible at a given temperature is termed as equilibrium constant. Here is the Equilibrium constant formula for calculating equilibrium constant Kp using partial pressures for the given chemical equation. This Dalton's law partial pressure formula will be the useful formula for you to simplify and balance your chemical equations.

Partial Pressure Formula


Given Equation aA + bB = cC + dD
Kp = (PC)c (PD)d / (PA)a (PB)b


Kp = Equilibrium Constant
PA = Partial Pressure of Product A
PB = Partial Pressure of Product B
PC = Partial Pressure of Reactant C
PD = Partial Pressure of Reactant D

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You can use this Equilibrium constant formula for calculating an equilibrium constant with the partial pressure in atm units. Also, we have provided you with the basic format for balancing the chemical equation on your own.

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