Electrostatic Energy of a Uniformly Charged Sphere Formula

Consider two objects in the vicinity and having different electrical charges, know that an electrostatic charge exists between them. This electrostatic field also forms around any single object that is electrically charged with respect to its environment. The below given is the Electrostatic energy of a uniformly charged sphere formula to calculate the electrostatic energy with the known values of the total charge and the radius of given sphere.


e = (3 / 5) × q × q / (4 × π × r × 8.85418782 × 10-12)


e = Electrostatic Energy
q = Total Charge
r = Radius (m)

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In the above Electrostatic energy of a uniformly charged sphere formula, for π substitute the value 3.14159 which is a constant. This formula uses the value 8.85418782 as a default multiplication factor for calculations.

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