Drip Rate Calculation Formula

The actual taste of water can only be realized during the time of water scarcity. The value of water can be realized only during two times one is before getting it and another is after losing it. A Dripping faucet may lead to a situation of water scarcity in future. It is important to consider the dripping issue a serious one to save the water for future use. Use this drip rate calculation formula to realize how much water you are wasting and take suitable measures to save it.


Dripsday = 1440 * a * b * c
Litersday = Dripsday / 4000
Gallonsday = Dripsday / 3.785
Gallonsyear = Gallonsday * 365


a = Number of drips per minute
b = Number of faucets in each home
c = Number of homes

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The above drip rate calculation formula on this page will help you to calculate the drips per day, liters per day, gallons per day and gallons per year.

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