Trig Double Angle (identities) Formula

There are many different formula and expression in trigonometry, most of them seems to be more complicated. To easily remember or solve the equation, the double angle formula can be used. It can simplify the other difficult equation of the trigonometry functions. The Trig Double Angle (identities) Formula provides the three basic double angle functions Which is sin 2A, cos 2A, tan 2A formula is provided below. To calculate the Trig Double Angle, click the link provided below the formula.

Formula Used:

sin(2θ) = 2 x sinθ x cosθ
cos(2θ) = 1 - 2sin2θ
tan(2θ) = 2 x tanθ / 1 - tan2θ

Related Calculator:

The trigonometry formula is used by the astronomers, navigation, civil engineering, graphics, and many. The trig double angle (identities) formula is an effective way to remember the other difficult formula.

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