Protein Length Formula

The below section of this page shows you with the formulas for the calculation of amino acids in DNA or protein length and predicted protein size of DNA by your own.

Predicted Protein Size Formula


Protein Length = Size of DNA (in Base pairs) / 3
Predicted Size of Protein = Number of Amino Acids × 0.11

Related Calculator:

Protein Length Formula: According to the formula, just divide the size of DNA which is in base pairs by the number three to get the number of amino acids or protein length.

Predicted Protein Size Formula: From the above formula, it is clearly evident that just multiply the number of amino acids by the integer 0.11 to determine the predicted size of protein.

You can also navigate to the online DNA Length Conversion Calculator page to verify your manually computed results. Just click on the calculator option given below the protein length formula to navigate to the calculator page.

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