Diamond Carat Weight Formula

With the increase in carat weight, the weight of the diamond also increases. The page shows the diamond carat weight formula to find the weight of different shapes of diamond in cts. Each cut possesses different weights depending upon its size. To find its weight, multiply the length, width and coefficient value. Here we have mentioned the coefficient of all the diamond cut. Substitute the values in the diamond weight estimation formula and replace the coefficient value from the given value.


Diamond Carat Weight (D) = Length x Width x Depth x Coefficient


Round Brilliant Coefficient = 0.0061
Princess Cut Coefficient = 0.0082
Asscher Step Cut Coefficient = 0.008
Cushion Brilliant Coefficient = 0.00815
Heart Brilliant Coefficient = 0.0059
Trillion Brilliant Coefficient = 0.0057
Marquise Brilliant Coefficient = 0.00577
Pear Brilliant Coefficient = 0.00597
Oval Brilliant Coefficient = 0.00645
Emerald Step Cut Coefficient = 0.00993
Radiant Brilliant Coefficient = 0.00825

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The diamond carat weight formula is useful for the jewellers and appraisers of jewellery. Buyers of diamond can also use this diamond weight estimation formula to find the weight in cts by knowing its diameter, depth and shape.

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