Dialysis Tubing Length Formula

Removal or exchange of small molecules and macromolecules are done using the semipermeable membrane tubing called as Dialysis tubing or Visking tubing. Length of the tubing is generally calculated using the vol/cm as reference. This page contains the Dialysis tubing length formula which guides you to calculate the tubing length based on the sample volume, tubing flat width and some default values with basic arithmetic operations such as addition, multiplication, and division.


Tubing Length = ( ( 4 + ( ( ( 376.992 × Sample Volume ) / Tubing Flat Width ) / Tubing Flat Width ) × 100 ) + 0.5 ) / 100

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The above Dialysis tubing length formula in this page will be a useful one for dialysis department in hospitals for calculating tubing length on their own.

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