Defects Per Unit Formula

Defect Per Unit (DPU) is one of the metric used in the Six Sigma and several other process improvement methodologies. Here is a Defects per unit formula to calculate the defect per unit based on the observed defective products and total number of products. As per the DPU formula six sigma, just divide the number of defects observed by the number of units inspected to get the result. DPU refers to the average number of defects observed while sampling a product/population.

DPU Formula Six Sigma


u = (o / i)


u = Defects Per Unit
o = Number of Defects Observed
i = Number of Units Inspected

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DPU considers the unit of any sample, when it failed to pass through any quantity target. It is usually measured for a selected sample of the population. Possibly, more than 1 defect could occur per unit of product. Use this Defects per unit formula get the result in a single division operation.

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