Defects Per Opportunity Formula

The page displays the DPO formula six sigma to calculate the Defects per Opportunity(DPO). It is a measure of the probability of units produced with zero defects in the process. Here a part of the unit may have as low as one opportunity for a defect or it may also have an infinite opportunity for a defect. This Defects per opportunity formula guides you to calculate the DPO by dividing the number of defects observed on a unit by the number of opportunities on a unit.

DPO Formula Six Sigma


u = (o / i)


u = Defects Per Opportunity
o = Number of Defects Observed on a Unit
i = Number of Opportunities on a Unit

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DPO is the preliminary calculation to compute the DPMO (defects per million opportunities). Use this Defects per opportunity formula to determine the DPO which is the total measure of possible defects that can be identified in a sample.

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