Cyclotron Frequency Formula

A cyclotron uses electromagnetic fields to push the particles that are charged to high speeds, in which the particles follow a spiral path moving towards outside. Such rotation rate is called as angular frequency. Here is the Cyclotron Frequency formula which guides you to calculate cyclotron angular frequency in simple. Cyclotron Angular Frequency Formula requires magnetic flux density, mass of the particle and charge of the particle as inputs to perform the calculation.

Cyclotron Angular Frequency Formula


ωc = (q x B) / m


ωc = Cyclotron Angular Frequency
q = Particle Charge
B = Magnetic Flux Density
m = Particle Mass

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Cyclotron Frequency formula is a useful formula that requires only basic multiplication and division operation to perform calculation. Substitute the values in the Cyclotron Angular Frequency formula and calculate according to BODMAS rule.

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