Stock Price Formula

You can measure the current price of the stock by using the stock price formula given below. To identify current price of a stock, the first step is to divide Stock growth rate by 100 and add one. Multiply the resultant value with current dividend per share. Second step is to subtract stock growth rate from the required rate of return, and divide the resultant value by 100. Now on whole divide the second step resultant value from the first one. The obtained value is the current price of Stock.


Current Price of Stock = ( S × ( 1 + G / 100 ) ) / ( (R - G) / 100 )


S = Current Dividend Per Share
R = Required Rate of Return
G = Stock Growth Rate

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The current price of stock is the measurement of total amount of stock that someone is willing to buy or the total stock that can be bought for a minimal price. Use the stock price formula to calculate the maximum price you could pay for a given stock and still earn your required rate of return.

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