Curb and Gutter Barrier Concrete Yardage Formula

Determining the concrete yardage is very important for calculating the concrete volume occupied by the material. A raised sidewalks in the road for pedestrians is called as curbs. When curb and gutter are combined together then it is called as curb and channel. The below curb and gutter barrier concrete yardage formula which allows you to calculate the concrete yards by multiplying the product of length, flag thickness, gutter width and curb height with the default value of 0.037037.


Concrete Yardage = (l×(f/12.0×(g/12.0+h/12.0))+l×(h/12.0×h/12.0)) × 0.037037


l = Length(ft)
f = Flag Thickness(inch)
g = Gutter Width(inch)
h = Curb Height(inch)

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The curb and gutter barrier concrete yardage formula is a simple formula that needs only the multiplication operation to find the yardage.

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