Crude Protein Calculation Formula

The given below is the crude protein calculation formula for you to do Kjeldahl method protein determination calculation on your own. Percentage of protein in the foods can be calculated based on the known inputs of blank-titre value, the normality of NaOH and the sample weight. As per the Kjeldahl Method Protein Formula, finding the products of blank-titre value, normality of NaOH, 1.401, 6.25, and dividing it by the sample weight will give the percentage of crude protein.

Kjeldahl Method Protein Formula


Micro Kjeldahl Distillation Method
Percentage of Crude Protein = (Blank-Titre Value) x 1.401 x 6.25 x 20 x Normality of NaOH / Sample Weight )

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This Kjeldahl method of nitrogen analysis is the standard method used worldwide for estimation of the protein content in a variety of materials ranging from human and animal food, fertilizer and wastcrude. Refer this protein calculation formula and the amount of protein in the feedstuffs you have.

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