Trigonometric Identities Cosine Subtraction Formula

Given below trigonometric identities cosine subtraction formula for the calculation of cosine of a difference of two angles. It can be used to solve various trigonometric equations and helps to transform the equation into other equivalent forms. The formula remain true for all values of the two angles. The trigonometric cosine subtraction formula can be useful to simplify a complicated expression, or perhaps find an exact value when you only have a small table of trig values.

Cosine Of Difference Of Two Angles

Cosine Subtraction Formula:

Cos(a) - Cos(b) = -2(sin(a + b) / 2) (sin(a - b) / 2)


a = Angle 1
b = Angle 2

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Here, the above trigonometric identities cosine subtraction formula is given for you to clearly understand for the calculation of the difference of two cosine angles to solve various problems by rewriting expressions in another equivalent form. You can also navigate to the calculator page provided above for ease calculations.

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