Corrected Calcium Formula

The given below is the corrected calcium formula for you to calculate the level of corrected calcium level. According to the formula for corrected calcium for low albumin, just reduce the value of serum albumin from the factor 4 and multiply the resultant value with the factor 0.8. And finally, sum the resultant multiplied value with the measured total calcium to get the level of calcium correction for hypoalbuminemia, which means the level albumin in the blood is abnormally low.

Formula for Corrected Calcium for Low Albumin


Corrected Calcium = ((4 - S) × 0.8) + C


S = Serum Albumin Level
C = Measured Total Calcium

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The Patients with suspected hypercalcemia may have a "normal" calcium level resulted if their albumin is low. Even though this corrected calcium formula is a validated one, it is not advisable to come to any conclusion based on the results of this formula without consulting with a physician.

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