Copper Loss Formula

The loss in electrical is defined as the difference in the input power and output power. Copper loss occurs due to ohmic resistance of the transformer windings. The below given is the Copper loss formula which helps you to do transformer Ohmic loss calculation. Just substitute the input values of primary winding Current, primary winding Ohmic resistance, secondary winding Current and secondary winding Ohmic resistance in the Transformer copper loss calculation formula to do the operations.

Transformer Copper Loss Calculation Formula


l = (a2 × b) + (c2 × d)


l = Copper Loss
a = Primary Winding Current
b = Primary Winding Ohmic Resistance
c = Secondary Winding Current
d = Secondary Winding Ohmic Resistance

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Copper (Cu) loss is always proportional to the square of the current, and current varies with the load. Copper loss formula requires only basic arithmetic operations to determine the result.

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