Convective Heat Transfer Formula

The transfer of heat from one place to another as a result of movement of fluids is called as convective heat transfer. According to Newton's law, the heat loss rate of a body is proportional to the temperature difference between the body and its surroundings. The below convective heat transfer formula guides you to calculate the result by multiplying the heat transfer area, convective heat transfer coefficient and the temperature difference between the surface and bulk fluids.

Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient Equation


Heat Transferred = hc × A × dT


A = Heat Transfer Area of the Surface
hc = Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
dT = Temperature Difference Between the Surface and Bulk Fluid

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The above convective heat transfer formula of Newton will be a useful one for the students who are interested in doing a physics project on thermodynamics. Also, you can refer the above given convective heat transfer coefficient equation link to know the heat transferred.

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