Conduction Heat Transfer Formula

Heat conduction is the transfer of energy between the body. The conductivity of the material is calculated in terms of watts. The resultant product of thermal conductivity and the cross-sectional area of the material is multiplied with the difference between the hot and cold temperature, the whole output divided by the thickness of the material is the conductive heat loss formula. The conduction heat transfer formula can be used to find the conductivity of the heat in various materials.

Conductive Heat Loss Formula


Q = KA(THot - TCold) / d


Q = Conduction Heat Transfer
K = Materials Thermal Conductivity
A = Cross Sectional Area
THot= Higher Temperature
TCold = Colder Temperature
d = Material Thickness

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The loss or transfer of heat during a direct contact is called as conductivity. Find the conductivity of the material using the conductive heat loss formula. Click the calculator link below the conduction heat transfer formula to calculate the conductive heat loss easily.

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