Concrete Stairs Yard Formula

It is important to calculate the concrete yard as to find the volume of concrete for the material. The volume of space for concrete to be occupied can be calculated using the concrete yards. The below section of this page displays you the concrete stairs yard formula to calculate the concrete yardage stairs on your own. It allows you to multiply the number of stairs, tread, riser, width and 0.037037 together to find the concrete yardage for stairs.


c =((((n × t/12.0)×(n×r/12.0))/2)+((n×(t/12.0×r/12.0))/2))×w × 0.037037


c = Concrete Yardage
n = Number of stairs
t = Tread(inch)
r = Riser(inch)
w = Width(ft)

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The above concrete stairs yard formula will be a very useful formula for the civil engineers to calculate the yards for their concrete stairs which is very essential.

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