Formula To Estimate Cost Of Concrete Driveways

To estimate the cost of concrete driveways, multiply the length, width, thickness, and cost together. The price of concrete depends upon so many factors which include grading, subbase preparation, concrete forms and finishing, reinforcement, formwork, rebar, surface prep, and also the cost of concrete that is going to be added up to the real concrete price. The formula to estimate cost of concrete driveways is very helpful for the construction engineers.


C = L × W × T × R
C = π × (M/2)2 × T × R
C = L × W × D × R
Circular column,
C = π × (M/2)2 × D × R


C = Total Cost Of Concrete Driveways
L = Length(yard)
W = Width(yard)
T = Thickness(yard)
R = Cost
D = Depth(yard)

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Estimating the cost of concrete driveways includes so many factors. Its important to know the concrete prices per yard and to know whether it is a ready made fixed concrete.

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