Concrete Driveway Area and Perimeter Formula

You can use the below-mentioned concrete driveway area and perimeter formula to find the total concrete you would need to construct the driveway. It is calculated in cubic yards, a unit measurement of volume. Area of the driveway can be found by multiplying the length in feet by the width in feet. To find the driveway perimeter, add the length and width and multiply the resultant value with 2. While volume of the concrete is nothing but finding the product of length, width and depth.


A = l × b
P = 2 × (l+b)


A = Drive way Area
P = Drive way Perimeter
l = Length
b = width

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The concrete driveway is the right choice for the driveway. Refer the above concrete driveway area and perimeter formula to know about its area and perimeter before constructing the concrete driveway.

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