Commute Cost Formula

Commute cost per Month can be calculated by knowing the commute cost per year (y), working days per month (n), round trip commute (t), cost per mile (r) and parking cost (p). Use the commute cost formula provided below to compute the average driving cost that you spent in a month.To identify cost per year, multiply the cost per mile with 100. To find the commute cost, multiply the working days per month, round trip commute and cost per mile. Add the result with parking cost.


Commute Cost ( Per Month ) = ( n × t × r ) + p
Commute Cost ( Per Year ) = c × 12


n = Working Days Per Month
t = Round Trip Commute
r = Cost Per Mile
p = Parking Cost

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Determining commute cost is the effective way to keep track of your whole driving expenses. You can use this commute cost formula to manage your personal driving expense.

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