Circular Based Tapered Hopper Volume Formula

Given here is the circular based tapered hopper volume formula to calculate the volume of the circular taper hopper. For the volume calculation, first measure the upper circular dimensions and the lower circular dimensions. The units of measurement must remain consistent throughout the entire process. Measure the height through center from the upper base to the lower base. Now, substitute all the values for the variables in the formula for the Circular Based Tapered Hopper Volume calculation.


v = (π H / 12) [D2 + Dd + d2]


V = Volume
H = Height between Bases
D = Diameter of the Upper Circular Base
d = Diameter of the Lower Circular Base

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The formula for the volume of a tapered hopper is based on the volume of a geometric pyramid or cone. The volume for a pyramid with any base is found by multiplying the area of the base by the height and dividing by 3.

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