Plaster Formula

Cement plaster is a cement-sand mixture applied to both interior and exterior walls to give them a smooth surface. Given here is the Plaster formula to calculate the cement-sand mixture required for plastering. The Cement-sand quantity for plastering requirement depends upon the plastering thickness, volume of cement mortar and the area of plastering needed. This civil engineering formula helps you to calculate the cement required (1 part) and sand required (5 parts).


V = A x T
X = V x 1.54
C = X x (M / G)
S = X x (N / G)


T = Plastering Thickness
V = Volume of Cement Mortar
A = Area of Plastering
M = Ratio of Plastering Cement
N = Ratio of Plastering Sand
C = Cement Required (1 Part)
S = Sand Required (5 Part)
X = 35% Sand Bulkage
G = Total ratio (M+N )

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