Calvert Formula

Carboplatin is a drug used for cancer patients while providing chemotherapy. It is commonly used in treating ovarian cancer that is wide spread and also for curing the small cell lung cancer. The drug is dosed on the basis of calvert formula. Carboplatin Dose is calculated by knowing the Target AUC and (GFR) Glomerular filtration rate. The GFR rate differs for men and women. To calculate GFR, its important to know the age, serum creatinine and weight. Use this carboplatin AUC dosing formula to calculate the AUC dosage for patients.

Carboplatin AUC Dosing Formula


GFR for Male = (((140-age) / serum creatinine) * 1) × (weight (kg) / 72)
GFR for Female = (((140-age) / serum creatinine) * 0.85) × (weight (kg) / 72)
Carboplatin Dose = Target AUC * (GFR + 25)


GFR = Glomerular filtration rate

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