Capacitor Energy Formula

A capacitor is an electronic device for storing charge or energy. On connecting the battery across the two plates of a capacitor, it gets charged and that charge is the energy. The given below is the capacitor energy formula to determine the energy stored in a capacitor. RC time constant is the time in seconds needed to charge a capacitor to 63.2% of the applied voltage.The below given is the capacitor time constant formula to calculate the RC time constant of a capacitor.

Capacitor Time Constant Formula


E = (V² x C) / 2
T = R x C


E =Stored Energy (Joules),
T = Time Constant (S),
V = Volatge (V) ,
C = Capacitance (uF),
R = Load Resistance (Ohms).

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Make use of the capacitor energy E and RC time constant formula to do the capacitance oriented calculations on your own. For instant calculation you can use the related calculator given below the formula.

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