Capacitance of a Sphere Formula

Capacitance is the capacity of the device to store electrical charge. Any material that can be electrically charged possess self capacitance. A type of capacitor with thin and hollow spherical plate conductors is called as a Spherical capacitor. Here is the Capacitance of a sphere formula, that guides you to calculate the Capacitance of a spherical capacitor based on radius. Relative permittivity and radius are the inputs required to perform calculation.

Formula for Capacitance of a Spherical Capacitor based on Radius


C = 4πεoεra


C = Capacitance of Sphere
a = Radius
εo = Permittivity of Free Space
εr = Relative Permittivity

Related Calculator:

The above Capacitance of a sphere formula in this page requires Permittivity of free space value and is 8.854187817 e-12 which is a constant.

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