Buck Converter Duty Cycle Formula

A buck converter is a simple converter that is used to step down the voltage and step up the current. It is a high efficiency step-down DC/DC switching converter. Buck converters works 95% or with more higher efficiency for integrated circuits.

Duty-cycle is one key to measure the buck converters' output current capability. Duty cycle is the time period during which a device is said to be operated. Here, is the equation to find the duty cycle for buck converter.


D = (Vo + (VSYNCSW + VL)) / (Vi - VSwitch + VSYNCSW)
D = Duty Cycle (Buck Converter)
VSwitch = Voltage Drop on Power Switch
VSYNCSW = Voltage Drop on Synchronous Switch or Diode
VL = Voltage Drop on Inductor
Vo = Output Voltage
Vi = Input Voltage

The above formula can be used to find the buck converter duty cycle.

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