Total Surface Area and Volume of Box Formula

Sides of a box can be same or different. When it is same, it represents a cube. The volume of a box represents the amount of space inside the box. The Total surface area of a box is the total of the area outside all the sides of the box. Find here the Total surface area and volume of box formula for deriving the total surface area and the volume of a box for the given height, width and length. The Volume of a box can be found by just multiplying all the three inputs (h, w, l) together.


a = hw
b = hl
c = wl
SA = 2[a + b + c]
V = hwl


h = Height of Box
l = Length of Box
w = Width of Box
SA = Total Surface Area of Box
V = Volume of Box

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For both the total surface area and volume of box formulas height, length and width are the common inputs required for the calculation.

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