YMCA Body Fat Formula

The page lists the YMCA formula to calculate the Body fat percentage for both men and women. You can know your body fat level just by computing your waist length and body fat value here in the YMCA body fat formula. For women, multiply the waist by 4.15, and subtract the obtained value from 76.76. On another end, multiply the weight by 0.082 and divide the obtained value by weight again. Now subtract both the resultant value. Similarly, you can calculate the fat level percentage for men.

YMCA Formula


Body Fat Percent women = - 76.76 + 4.15a - 0.082b / b
Body Fat Percent men = - 98.42 + 4.15a - 0.082b / b


a = Waist
b = Weight

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You can calculate the body fat percentage for both men and women in the respective YMCA body fat formula. The constant value used in the YMCA formula varies for both genders as both require a different level of fat content to maintain a good health.

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