Billion to Trillion Conversion Formula

Here is the simple formula for you to learn the conversion of billion to trillion. All you need to know is how many millions are included in billions and trillions, and how many billions are included in a trillion. 1 billion is equivalent to thousand millions (1000x106=109) or one-thousandth of a trillion. It is represented as 1 Billion = Trillion / 1000. Refer the billion to trillion conversion formula and learn the conversion of large numbers very easily and quickly.


Trillion = Billion / 1000

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Billion to trillion conversion formula is based on billion value. For example, 1 Billion = 0.001 Trillion. Similarly, 18 billion = 18 / 1000 0.018 trillion. Converting the values from billion to trillion is not a tedious job anymore. The online calculator provided above helps you calculate it with ease in a single click.

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