Bigha to Murabba Conversion Formula

This page contains the Bigha to Murabba conversion formula to convert the values from bigha to murabba. Murabba, bigha, karam, marla, kanaal, killa are the measurement units of land used in Punjab and Haryana in India. There are 25 Acres in one Murabba which is approximately equal to 100,000 Square Meter. Hence 25 acre = 1 murabba = 50 bigha. Therefore, 1 bigha = 1/50 murabba or 1 bigha=0.02 murabba. Bigha to Murabba conversion formula helps to find the measurement of land.


Murabba = 0.02 × Bigha

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When you multiply the value of bigha with 0.02 in the above Bigha to Murabba conversion formula, you will get the result for murabba.

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