Beta Angle Formula

The beta angle is the angle between the orbital plane of the spacecraft and the vector of the sun. The inclination of the orbit is the angle between the plane of an orbit and the equator. The ascending node is the orbital elements used to specify the orbit of an object in the space. The right ascension is the angle between the right vernal equinox to the foot of the hour circle. Here is the beta angle formula for you to calculate the beta angle variation of a polar sun.


β(t) = arcsin( cos(δs(t)) x sin(i) x sin(Ω(t) - Ωs(t)) + sin(δs(t)) x cos(i))


δs(t) = Declination of the Sun
i = Inclination of Orbit
Ω(t) = Position of the Ascending Node
Ωs(t) = Right Ascension of the Sun
β(t) = Beta Angle

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