Base Area of Triangular Prism Formula

The base area of triangular prism formula is simple to calculate. As a triangular prism consists of 3 rectangles and two triangles, the base area of the triangle is the area of the base triangle alone. Since the base is a triangle, it is enough if you calculate only the area of the base triangle, which is one half of the product of triangle height and the base length. The triangular prism base area is expressed as B=1/2 ( l x b ), where 'l' is triangle height and 'b' is the base length.


Base Area = ( 1 / 2 ) × l × b


l = Triangle Height
b = Base Length

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A uniform triangular prism is a one which has equilateral bases and square sides. This base area of triangular prism formula helps you solve your engineering and academic questions with ease.

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