Army Body Fat Percentage Formula

The given below is the army body fat percentage formula to calculate the army body fat for male and female. The body fat percentage of a male and female differs and the fat percentage for men depends upon the neck and waist circumference and the height. For women, it depends upon the circumference of waist, hip, neck, and height of the person. Substitute the inputs in APFT army body fat formula and do the calculations to know the fat percentage.

APFT Army Body Fat Formula


Fat percentage for Men = (86.010 x (Log (Waist - Neck)) - (70.041 x Log(Height)) + 36.76
Fat percentage for Women = (163.205 x (Log (Waist + Hip - Neck)) - (97.684 x Log(Height)) - 78.387

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Army body fat percentage is an important criterion to sustain your army job. Make use of this army body fat percentage formula to make yourself to get through in the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test).

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